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Kosher has roots in Hebrew signifying that which is fit or appropriate.

In the current context the word kosher generally represents foods and beverages as being compliant with religious dietary laws of the Jews. A food product or beverage can apply the kosher label if each ingredient used therein, food additives, colorants, preservatives, process, equipment and methods are fully compliant with Kosher specifications.

A kosher auditor approves the production process before the manufacturer can apply the Kosher logo. Laws are so strict that if equipment used to manufacture non-kosher foods are used for kosher foods then that specific food can no longer carry the kosher label

Why go for Kosher

The Kosher symbol on a food packet is an assurance to the buyer that the food they are buying is made of kosher certified ingredients and kosher certified processes have been used along with Kosher equipment.

The Kosher symbol is a guarantee that the food meets the highest standards of safety and purity.

People across the world are increasingly turning to Kosher labelled foods because they want the finest, safest and purest foods that will preserve their health. A significant segment of the market for Kosher foods is made up of non-Jews. Both Jews as well as non-Jews who recognize merit in Kosher labels will not consider buying food unless it has Kosher certification Jerusalem. The market share of Kosher foods is estimated to be in hundreds of millions worldwide. Simply obtaining Kosher certification Jerusalem opens up global markets for all food producers and manufacturers and helps them earn additional revenue in addition to enhancing their brand image.

The Kosher symbol represents highest quality of purity. Buyers know they are safe and that their health will not be harmed in any way when they use Kosher foods.

All manufacturers of food ingredients as well as foods can link up with global giants who specify Kosher compliance in the ingredients or food components before they will consider buying. By obtaining globally acceptable Kosher certification Jerusalem, all manufacturers can supply in open markets as well as sell in bulk to global giant food manufacturers and increase revenues.

KOSHER Certification Assessment

• STEP 1

Submit Enquiry On-Line

Submit your company details and your line of products via e-mail, with the form provided.

• STEP 2

Generating a Quotation for Kosher Certification

We will contact you by phone or e-mail to give quotation and assist you with the application form and to discuss your ingredients and products, as well as your prospects for kosher certification.

• STEP 3

Initial Visit to Your Production Plant

Based upon the information collected from your application form, we will set up an appointment at your convenience to visit your manufacturing facility. The purpose of the inspection is to clarify the details of the ingredients and manufacturing equipment used in your production process.

• STEP 4

Post-Visit Analysis of Process and Ingredients

Evaluation and approval by the Rabi after thorough inspection of your process and the ingredients in your formulas. Replacement for animal ingredients with vegetable-derived or synthetic origin alternatives will be proposed. Cleansing (koshering) schemes for certain parts of your machinery will be arranged.

• STEP 5

Issuance of the Kosher Certificate

Upon confirmation of compliance with all the kosher requirements, the details of supervision and financial obligations will be handled. And the Kosher Certificate will be issued. The Kosher symbol may then be applied to the certified products that you produce KCJ KOSHER

KOSHER Certification Benefit to the Organization
Instead of blindly reposing trust in famous brands, consumers have become more alert and questioning about the ingredients, methods and practices that go into the making of the food they buy.

Malpractices that have come to light have only served to enhance consumer distrust in packaged foods. In this scenario manufacturer’s assurances are to be taken with a pinch of salt while the Kosher label unconditionally gives assurance about quality, purity and safety of the food. A survey shows that 51% people who buy Kosher prefer it for the health properties and 62% opted for Kosher due to assured quality. 55% of those who bought Kosher did so because the label signified healthier food, 16% because they preferred halal and kosher was the only alternative and 38% of buyers were vegetarians.

Kosher, once the preserve of the Jewish is more widespread. Even Christians, Muslims and people from other communities universally switch over to Kosher for the perceived benefits. A vegetarian will look at the kosher label on a packet of food and has the assurance that not a single ingredient in it is of animal origin. If a person is specific about the source of non-vegetarian products, the way animals or poultry were reared and slaughtered, the kosher label instills confidence that approved methods were used. For Muslims this Kosher label represents a viable alternative when Halal foods are not available. Even from a general perspective about purity, wholesomeness, nutritional value and overall quality, Kosher label signifies a far better product. Then there are people with allergies to certain foods. The Kosher label gives them peace of mind.

KOSHER Auditing and Certification Cost

KOSHER Certification charges may depend upon the size, location, Complexity of operation, Processes and it’s inter relevance.
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